ReleaSys™ | Next-Gen Release Agent

crosslinking polymer chemistry, exclusive to Miller-Stephenson release agent coatings

ReleaSys™ Next-Generation Release Agent Coating

Miller-Stephenson exclusive high-density, crosslinking technology provide superior release agent performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness

Miller-Stephenson has been pioneering release agent chemistry and coatings for over 40 years, continuously optimizing and improving our formulations to exceed the challenges of modern manufacturing process. Modern manufacturers demand release coatings that provide improved efficiency, superior surface quality, ease of application, and higher safety. Miller-Stephenson has responded by developing a next-generation product line of solvent-based and water-based release under their ReleaSys™ and ShieldSys™ banner. These coatings offer cutting-edge chemistry, tailored made for todays modern more aggressive molding cycles and molding materials. ReleaSys release agents specifically target a class of moldable substrates, this ensures that our solutions provide the optimal durability, surface quality, and cleanliness that your particular process demands. Miller-Stephenson focuses on : Polyurethane, Composites/Epoxies, Silicone Rubbers/LSR, Elastomers, and Plastics.  Each of our ReleaSys™ release agent coatings have been thoroughly refined and extensively field tested to deliver unmatched reliability and performance without requiring elaborate application techniques or curing programs.

Benefits Of ReleaSys™ Mold Release Agents

  • Next-Generation Release Chemistry
  • Optimized Formulations
  • Reliable, Consistent Release
  • Improved Surface Quality
  • Increase Mold Cleanliness and Decrease Downtime
  • Solvent and Water-based Options
  • Concentrates and Ready-to-use

ReleaSys™ – Plastic Release Agent Systems

Miller-Stephenson offer a complete portfolio of high performance low odor, low VOC solvent-based and zero-VOC, water-based formulations that have carefully refined to provide optimal release performance for both thermoplastic and thermosetting compounds. ReleaSys Plastic Release Coatings offer non-transferring, semi-permanent and permanent solutions for your plastic molding operations. Formulations excelling at blow molding, injection molding, rotational molding, extrusion, and thermoforming operations. See our highlighted plastic release agent products below:

ReleaSys™ 8000 – Our premier solvent-based, plastic release agent, offering superior release ease, durability, ultra-thin films in a ultra-low odor/VOC formulation. The product can function as both a semi-permanent and sacrificial release system depending application method and cure program. Aerosol formulations are also available – ReleaSys™ 89S

ReleaSys™ DF – Excellent all-round release system utilizing Miller-Stephenson exclusive fluoropolymer resin technology . Combining ease of application, rapid dry times, and zero-transfer, this silicone-free is great choice for any plastic substrate molding at or below 400°F. Aerosol available, ReleaSys™ DFX

ReleaSys™ 7800 – Utilizing proprietary crosslinking resin technology, ReleaSys 7800 delivers high performance release without effecting post-molding painting, adhesion or bonding. Aerosol is also available, ReleaSys 78

ReleaSys™ 8800 – Water-based version of the ReleaSys 8000. Excellent all-round water-based system for all plastic moldable materials

ReleaSys™ 8200 – Water-based version of the ReleaSys DF, micro-colloidal dispersion of fluoropolymer and binder. 100% VOC and silicone-free

ReleaSys™ RM – Our premier semi-permanent rotational molding release systems. Superior high heat stability, abrasion resistance, zero transfer, and zero pre-release/sagging issues.

ReleaSys™ – Polyurethane Release Systems

Miller-Stephenson has worked tirelessly to develop the most robust and cost-effective mold release systems for manufacturers utilizing all forms of polyurethane polymers: rigid, semi-rigid, flexible, self-skinning & integral skin, polyurethane adhesives / elastomers, and crumb rubber applications.  Our breakthrough chemistry is designed to provide the unmatched release, consistency, and productivity. Unlike competitor release systems, Miller-Stephenson utilizes proprietary, crosslinking polymers to develop a durable, thin film on mold surfaces allowing for numerous molding cycles to be completed before re-application is necessary. Large and small manufacturers can expect higher productivity and profitability through reduced downtime, increased acceptance rates and improved part quality when switching to Miller-Stephenson’s ReleaSys mold release agent systems.

ReleaSys™ 7200 – Utilizing proprietary hybrid-wax chemistry,  this formulation offers superior release and ease of application when compared to traditional waxes.  Rapid dry times, wipe-on leave-on (no buffing), and 100% paintable, this provide is superior all-round release systems. Safe for polyurethane formulation.

ReleaSys™ 8000 – Our best and highest performing polyurethane release agent. Superior Durability, Release, and 100% compatible with all forms of polyurethane.  Pair extremely well with ShieldSys™ MX120 or ReleaSys™ Mold Sealer.

ReleaSys™ 7200W – Optimized water-based system designed specifically for sensitive MDI/TDI formulations and/or lower temperature molding conditions.  ReleaSys 7200 is recommended for customers  looking to switch from a traditional solvent-based system to a zero-VOC, zero odor alternative.

ReleaSys™ 8800 Water-based alternative to ReleaSys 8000. High release, multiple cycles per application, and superior cleanliness when paired with ShieldSys™ MX120 or ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER.

ReleaSys™ 7505N – High performing and economical release agent , ideal for high-throughput operations where rapid reapplication intervals occur and mold cleanliness is paramount.

ReleaSys™ – Rubber Release Systems

Sporting goods, machinery, office equipment, automotive tires, footwear and many other industrial products take advantage of the flexibility and robustness of rubber and elastomers to solve complex mechanical issues. Production of these component often have complex geometry, high temperatures, high pressures and fast cycle times. Miller-Stephenson have develop advanced release agent designed  for todays modern rubber manufacturing. These high performance release coatings provide cleaner molds, higher efficiency, superior part quality, and unmatched cost-effectiveness.

ReleaSys™ 8500 – Our most durable and robust rubber release agent, ultra-thin uniform release agent, multiple releases, extremely low build-up and effective on all rubbers/elastomers compounds.

ReleaSys™ 7500 – Miller-Stephenson’s ReleaSys 7500 is our best all-round rubber release system combining both ease of application, simplicity and effectiveness. Ideal for high frequency re-application processes. Effective on all rubber and elastomer compounds.

ReleaSys™ 7520 – Designed exclusively for Crumb and Recycled Rubber applications.  Can be applied at room temperature or heated surfaces. Concentrated formula that can be used ‘as is’ or diluted for higher cost effectiveness

ReleaSys™ 8200 – Exclusive water-based fluoropolymer based release system, particularly effectively when rubber-to-metal bonding is critical or silicone-free is required.  Effective for all rubber and elastomers including silicone rubbers and RTV

ReleaSys™ ECO-W – Our premier, water-based silicone rubber and RTV release agent system, designed specifically for unmatched performance, ease of use, and safety, ReleaSys ECO-W is the #1 choice for silicone rubber and RTV casting. 100% biodegradable and water-washable, this coating delivers superior release performance on even the most difficult silicone rubbers

ReleaSys™ – Epoxy / Composite Release Systems

ReleaSys is a specialized line of high performance release systems that are designed for the aerospace, automotive, and engineering community.  These release agent systems have evolved to continue to exceed the expectations and needs of modern composite and epoxy formulations and manufacturing requirements.  Our current ReleaSys line performs in the most demanding epoxy molding and adhesive operations, providing superior reapplication intervals, consistent part quality, and smooth release in an economical and efficient one-coat system.

ReleaSys™ DF – Rapid Drying, low VOC solvent-based fluoropolymer release system. Excellent all-around release for nearly all composite, epoxy and adhesive systems.  Molded items are paintable, bondable thank to zero transfer and being silicone and wax-free. Operating limiting of 400 °F. Aerosol available, ReleaSys™ DFX.

ReleaSys™ 7200 – Wipe on, leave on hybrid wax release system.  High release and easy of application. Excels on all composite, epoxy and adhesive systems. Particularly effective on non-metallic molds.  Recommended to be paired with ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER. or ShieldSys™ MX120

ReleaSys™ 7200W – Water-based version of the 7200, offers superior release, zero VOC and can be diluted with water to increase cost-effectiveness.  Pairs well with both ReleaSys MOLD SEALER and ShieldSys MX120.

ReleaSys™ 8800 – Excellent release agent and high temperature stability, typically can give multiple releases depending application.

ReleaSys™ 8200 Series – Water-based PTFE resin release coating, excellent all-round release system.  Similar to ReleaSys DF. Multiple concentrations of PTFE and viscosities available.

ReleaSys™ – High Temperature Release Systems

Miller-Stephenson combines highly lubricious ceramic particles and our binder technology to develop robust release and protective coatings. ReleaSys is designed for high temperature molding operations such as metals, glass, dies, and composite materials.  Proprietary ceramic complexes and resin chemistries offers improved durability, abrasion resistance, ease of use, and high lubricity.  Most importantly Miller-Stephenson release agents help to improve release, cleanliness, and scrap rates.

ReleaSys™ HTX-A – Miller-Stephenson’s most robust boron nitride-based release agent system.  Ultra low odor and VOC, non flammable and superior high temperature release for metals and glass. ReleaSys HTX-A is a highly cost-effective and efficient release system utilizing exclusive binder and ceramic complex technology.

ReleaSys™ HTX-G – A cost-effective and high efficient aerosol, ReleaSys™ HTX-G utilizes a proprietary graphite-ceramic complex to provide excellent lubrication and release for a variety of applications from light metals, glass, welding splatter, and dies.

ReleaSys™ HTX-WBN – Ultra-high performance water-based ceramic release system providing unmatched lubrication, surface protection and release ease.  Ideal for light metals, glass, and surface protection in metal processing facilities.  Zero VOC, zero odor and fast drying system.

ReleaSys™ ECO2 – Water-based, Universal release system that is extremely ease to use, combining high performance anti-stick/lubrication properties, high temperature stability, and excellent compatibility.  Very cost effective concentrate formula.

ReleaSys™ – Food Grade Release Agent Systems

Miller-Stephenson offer two NSF H1-certified, food grade release systems. Both provide non-stick properties, ease of application, 100% water based and zero VOC. ReleaSys 6120 release agents are ideal for Food, Packaging, and Cosmetic applications. The release agents are effective on plastics, rubbers, polyurethanes, waxes, ceramics, etc.

ReleaSys™ 6120-L – low viscosity based fluid offers exceptional low temperature release, strong anti-stick properties and high lubricity

ReleaSys™ 6120-H – high viscosity based fluid, ideal for high temperature operations, potent anti-stick properties and excellent lubrication at elevated temperatures

50+ years of Industry Expertise at your service

Miller-Stephenson has had a long history in numerous molding industries. ReleaSys™ products delivery smooth release, cleaner molds and higher safety than other products. With ReleaSys mold release agents you get industry leading products and access release agent experts. We understand your production issues and can help you improve your mold preparation and release to improve your bottom line.

For help with application or concerns while using ReleaSys, review our application article.

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