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ReleaSys™ | Next-Gen Release Agent

crosslinking polymer chemistry, exclusive to Miller-Stephenson release agent

ReleaSys™ Next-Generation Release Agent Coating Miller-Stephenson exclusive high-density, crosslinking technology provide superior release agent performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness Miller-Stephenson has been pioneering release agent chemistry and coatings for over 40 years, continuously optimizing and improving our formulations to exceed the challenges of modern manufacturing process. Modern manufacturers demand release coatings that provide improved efficiency, superior […]

Custom Formulated Mold Release | Miller-Stephenson Chemical

Customized Mold Release Formulations

| Custom Formulated Mold Release Solutions | Next-Generation Chemistry, Superior Release Performance, Maximized Cost-Effectiveness Miller-Stephenson has been at the forefront of release agent chemistries since the early 1960s, providing our customers with superior release coatings and custom formulated mold release agents tailored for their specific applications. Our diverse mold release portfolio provides more than just […]

Silicone Release Agents | ReleaSys™ Mold Release Systems

Silicone Release Agent Solutions ReleaSys 8100

Silicone Release Agents from Miller-Stephenson – ReleaSys™  Next-Generation Chemistry – Exceptional Release Performance & Cost Efficiency Miller-Stephenson has been a premier silicone release agents company since 1955. Our advanced chemistries and years of ‘real-world’ experience has allowed our product line to keep one step ahead of the demands of the manufacturing sector. Anticipating the needs […]

Mold Release Agent for Polyurethane Molding

Mold Release Agent for Polyurethane Molding Miller-Stephenson Next-Generation Chemistry – ReleaSys™ Mold Release Systems Miller-Stephenson offers the most technologically advanced polyurethane molding release agents solutions, back by over 40 years of research, development and technical expertise. Our R&D department has worked tirelessly to develop the most robust and cost-effective mold release systems for manufacturers utilizing all forms […]

Mold Release Agent Chemistries: Which is right for you?

Mold Release Agent: Which is right for you? Miller-Stephenson’s exclusive mold release product lines offer advanced chemistry and modern, eco-friendly formulations for the molding industry. Mold release agent application provides the critical barrier between the molding surface and substrate, facilitating separation of the cured part from the mold. Without such a barrier in place the substrate […]