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MS-290 | 90% Isopropyl Alcohol Surface Cleaner

Surface Cleaner

MS-290 | 90 Percent I Spray Clean >70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Thorough Surface Cleaner Ideal for High Traffic Areas As issues related to the COVID-19 outbreak continue to grow, the demand for cleaning products has increased for those on the front-line, making is it difficult for offices, schools, and businesses to find adequate cleaning solutions for […]

Mechanical Keyboard Lube | Advanced Solutions

Mechanical Keyboard lube

Superior Mechanical Keyboard Lube Easy to Apply, Lube for Life, and Makes New Keyboards Feel & Sound Broken In Miller-Stephenson and Chemours manufacture advanced grade 0 semi-fluid lubricants and oils that are extensively used in mechanical keyboard switches. Miller-Stephenson is the manufacturer of TriboSys and is direct channel partners with Chemours, the manufacturer of Krytox.  […]

PTFE Dry Film Lubricant Aerosol | Superior Chemistry, Superior Results

Conveyor Belt Dry Film Lubricant aerosol

Rapid Drying, Easy to Use, and Innovative Dry Film Lubricant Aerosol Superior Adhesion, Durability, and Low Coefficient of Friction to Reduce Downtime Miller-Stephenson’s MS-122 series offers extremely durable, lubricious, and non-stick dry lubricant coatings that utilize proprietary fluoropolymers in our MS-122AD, MS-122ADL, and MS-122XD formulas. These dry film lubricant aerosol solutions offer ultra-thin films, superior […]

Why Choose EPON™ & EPIKURE™ Epoxy Resins

epoxy resins

EPON™ & EPIKURE™ Epoxy Resins EPON™ & EPIKURE™ epoxy resins and systems have excellent adhesion to a very broad range of substrates. Its low shrinkage exhibited by the systems during curing results in lower stress levels in the finished piece than found in other polymer systems with higher values of shrinkage. This contributes to strong, […]

PTFE Dry Film Mold Release Agents


PTFE Dry Film Mold Release Agents Superior Lubricity and Anti-Stick Properties, Ultra Thin-Films, No Post-Molding Cleaning PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a robust fluoropolymer which exhibits excellent chemical and thermal stability, high lubricity, low coefficient of friction, and functions as a premier mold release agent. Miller-Stephenson takes the application of PTFE Dry Film Mold Release Agents a […]

Composite Mold Release Agents | ReleaSys™


Composite Mold Release Agents – ReleaSys™ Miller-Stephenson Composite mold release agents are backed by over 40 years of technical experience and are trusted to deliver the most consistent release of composite material in the industry. Our formulations are uniquely tailored to yield unmatched utility to the constantly evolving composite industry. ReleaSys Composite mold release agents […]

Rubber Mold Release Agents | ReleaSys™

Rubber mold release agents for superior performance

Pioneering Rubber Mold Release Agents & Silicone Mold Release Agents Superior Mold Release, Zero Transfer, and Cost-Effective – a potent combination Miller-Stephenson offers a specialized range of rubber mold release agents. Each formulation has been carefully developed to ensure smooth, consistent mold release without excessive build-up, oily transfer, or complicated curing processes. Rubbers and elastomers are highly […]

Polyurethane Mold Release Agents | ReleaSys™

Mold release agent for polyurethane castings

High Performance, Specialized Polyurethane Mold Release Agents Miller-Stephenson offers the most advanced polyurethane molding release agents solutions, back by over 40 years of research, development and expertise. Our mold release agents are relied upon by global industries to ensure efficient, cost effective, and high quality release of their molded parts.  Large and small manufacturers can […]

Miller-Stephenson Military Spec Products / NSN

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Military Spec Chemicals and NSN Miller-Stephenson offers a wide variety of military spec chemicals and lubrication products. We carry: Solvent Cleaners Solvent Flux Removers Contact Cleaner Conformal Coatings Specialty Products Epoxy Resins / Curings Agents Release Agents / Dry Lubricants Krytox Performance Lubricants We have: Military Specifications (Mil-Spec) National Stock Numbers (NSN) Underwriters Laboratories (UL) […]

Mold Release Application Guide – Troubleshooting Guide – ReleaSys™

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Mold Release Application Guide –  ReleaSys™  Miller-Stephenson has generated a mold release application guide to help aid customers with the proper surface preparation and application of its new semi-permanent release agents. Semi-permanent mold release agents are state of the art release agent systems designed to provide superior durability, maximal number of releases per application, and […]