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Rubber mold release agents for superior performance

Pioneering Rubber Mold Release Agents & Silicone Mold Release Agents

Superior Mold Release, Zero Transfer, and Cost-Effective – a potent combination

Miller-Stephenson offers a specialized range of rubber mold release agents. Each formulation has been carefully developed to ensure smooth, consistent mold release without excessive build-up, oily transfer, or complicated curing processes. Rubbers and elastomers are highly versatile materials that are used in sporting goods, machinery, office equipment, automotive tires, footwear and many other industrial products.  This wide application range has allowed these materials to be utilized to solve complex mechanical issues. As such, the molds and processes to form these products have become increasingly challenging. In response, Miller-Stephenson has developed the most advanced rubber mold release agents and silicone release agents to meet and exceed expectations in today’s toughest molding challenges.

Benefits of Rubber Mold Release Agents

  • Smooth, Reliable Release
  • Limited or Zero Transfer
  • Significant Reduction in Mold Build up
  • Zero VOC, Water-based Formulations
  • Operator Safe and Easy to Apply
  • Multiple Releases
  • Silicone, Wax, and Oil-free Formulations
  • Available in quart, gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon, and 275 gallon totes

ReleaSys™ Rubber Mold Release agents are recommended for releasing all natural and synthetic rubbers / elastomer compounds. Our release agents chemically bond to mold surfaces ensuring the highest number of releases per application with minimal transfer and no mold fouling. Specifically ReleaSys 8500, ReleaSys 7500, ReleaSys 8200 offer exceptional performance in high demand operations, where high temperatures and sticky elastomers are causing significant production issues  For silicone elastomers or RTV applications we strong recommend our ReleaSys ECO-W and ReleaSys 8200

Rubber Mold Release Applications

Providing high performance and reliable solutions to numerous industrials including Defense, Aerospace, Sporting Goods, Automotive, etc Miller-Stephenson rubber release agents are ideal selection for your needs.  Combined with our superior technical expertise, on-site assistance, and easy to use products it is clear why Miller-Stephenson is the leading mold release supplier in the US.

  • Natural and Synthetic Rubbers
  • Crumb Rubber
  • Fluoropolymer and FKM Rubbers
  • Silicone Rubbers, Elastomers, and RTV
  • Mandrels, Hoses, and High Complexity Molds

Miller-Stephenson Rubber Release Agent Products

Our ReleaSys™ rubber mold release products, include solvent based and water based mold release agents for general rubber goods, rubber-to-metal bonding, and silicones elastomers. Solvent-based products combine ultra low odor, low VOC and 100% non flammable formulations. This dramatically reduces operator safety hazards and minimizes exposure. Water-based formulations are 100% VOC free and yield the same reliable performance in a more environmentally friendly formulation.  Our water-based formulations are particular effective on technical rubber (ie: Neoprene, Nitrile) and silicone elastomer products, providing instantaneous cure and maximized durability.

Release Agents for Rubber and Silicone Molding

Molding SubstrateApplicationCarrier Solvent ProductDescription
General Rubber Goods (Fluoro-based Elastomers)High-TemperatureWater-basedReleaSys 8800Highest Slip
Minimal transfer
Fast Cure (1-2 min)
General Rubber GoodsMultiple Releases

Transfer Sensitive

Water-basedReleaSys 8500Medium Slip
No Transfer
Instantaneous Cure
Crumb RubberHigh Flow Injection MoldingWater-basedReleaSys 7500

ReleaSys 7505N

High Slip
Minimal transfer
Minimal Rejection Rate
High Durability
Silicone ElastomerWater-basedReleaSys ECO-WInstant Cure
No transfer
High Durability
Silicone ElastomerSolvent-basedReleaSys DFMaximized Durability
Quick Dry; Instant Cure
No Transfer
Technical Rubber (Neoprene, Nitrile)High SlipWater-basedReleaSys 8800Highest Slip
Minimal transfer
Fast Cure (1-2 min)
Technical Rubber (Neoprene, Nitrile)Highly Filled ElastomerWater-basedReleaSys 8500Instant Cure
Minimal transfer
Release most compounds
Rubber to Metal BondingWater-basedReleaSys 8200Multiple releases
No transfer
No Silicone, Wax, Oils
Rubber to Metal BondingSolvent-BasedReleaSys DF / DFXMaximized Durability
Quick Dry; Instant Cure
No Transfer

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