ReleaSys™ ECO-W | Silicone Rubber Release Agent

ReleaSys™ ECO-W Silicone Rubber Release Agent is an ultra-high performance release coating designed specifically to offer unmatched performance and compatibility to molders working with silicone rubbers, LSR (liquid silicone rubber), RTV silicones, and high-tack elastomeric compounds. ReleaSys™ ECO-W provides superior performance when compared to conventional release agents including soaps, waxes, PTFE , and silicone oils. The highly crosslinked release film that is formed when ReleaSys™ ECO-W is applied to mold surfaces provides smooth, consistent release, ideal surface aesthetics, minimal to zero transfer.

  • Designed Specifically for Silicone Rubbers, LSR, and Tacky Elastomers
  • Superior Release Performance, Consistency, and Part Quality
  • Next Generation Crosslinking Release Chemistry
  • 100% Water-based, Zero VOC, Water-washable Release Film
  • Performs better than all conventional release agents and chemistries