PTFE Release Agents

PTFE Release Agents - ABOUT

Miller-Stephenson’s MS-122 and MS-143 series offers high performance mold release solutions utilizing low-molecular weight PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) which imparts exceptional surface adhesion, low coefficient of friction, and uniform film thickness. Our PTFE Release Agents generate a dry film on the mold surface, which is chemical inert, non-migrating and non-staining. Formulations for this class of mold release agent can be solvent or water-based and application is typically performed with brushing or aerosolization.  Our PTFE Release Agents are specialized for each molding operations, and the MS-122 & MS-143 series has proven itself in the most complicated and strained mold configurations.Unlike sacrificial waxes or silicones that transfer to your molded part, our MS-122/143 series has minimal transfer, superior durability, and offers multiple releases per application. Our formulations are 100% nonflammable, and are offered in either water or solvent-based carriers. For more information about what makes Miller-Stephenson’s PTFE release agents superior to our competitors see our article section.

PTFE release agents are particularly useful in rubber-to-metal bonding operations or when molding silicone or fluorosilicone polymers and elastomers.  PTFE has exceptional utility and can be use in compression and transfer molding operations, however due to its relatively low slip, it can be ineffective with injection molding operations. For injection molding operations we would recommend our ReleaSys semi-permanent product line.  PTFE release agents are particular effective in potting and casting molding operations, specifically with electronic potting and casting as PTFE’s chemical inertness and low-transfer will not interfere with the sensitive electronics. Production engineers will typically choose PTFE-based release agents if they are looking for a non-silicone, chemical inert, and non-transferable release agent that is applicable across a broad range of substrates. PTFE, on a release per application basis is significantly more efficient and cost-effective than sacrificial or PVA alternatives. For more information about which mold release agent is right for you go to our guide in the Article section or for guidance on proper mold preparation and release agent application.