PTFE Bulk Liquid (MS-143)

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Miller-Stephenson’s MS-143 PTFE mold release agents are known industry-wide as a series of products which delivery unmatched utility, productivity and increases to throughput. MS-143 can be called upon for routine molding operations but, due to its unique chemistry, will also excel in the most challenging and complex molding operations. Production engineers will typically choose PTFE-based release agents if they are looking for a non-silicone, chemical inert, and non-transferable release agent that is applicable across a broad range of substrates.  PTFE, on a release per application basis is significantly more efficient and cost-effective than sacrificial or PVA alternatives. This class of release agent yields a uniform, dry film on the mold surface while also offering superior surface adhesion and durability.  PTFE mold release agents typically can last numerous molding cycles before re-application is necessary, and is ideal for compression and transfer molding operations. PTFE release agents are particular effective in potting and casting molding operations, specifically with electronic potting and casting as PTFE’s chemical inertness and low-transfer will not interfere with the sensitive electronics.

PTFE Bulk Liquid (MS-143)

MS-143AX | Universal PTFE Release Agent

MS-143AX contains a proprietary surface activator that combined with PTFE results in superior initial release action with up to 5 times the number of release cycles on metal molds.  It is not recommended for use on rubber molds.  It is an excellent dry lubricants for rubber on steel application. Note: MS-143AX can only be applied by dip coating or wiping applications, it can not be sprayed.

  • Enhanced surface adhesion and durability to metallic molds
  • Minimized initial release force
  • Nonflammable; Chemically Inert
  • Non-Migrating
  • Low coefficient of friction

PTFE Bulk Liquid (MS-143)


MS-143HN is a versatile and robust release agent / dry lubricant, which utilizes a rapidly drying to enhance throughput and production efficiency.

PTFE Bulk Liquid (MS-143)

MS-143TE | PTFE Mold Release Agents

MS-143TE was developed as an efficient, economical and universal release agent. This formulation is a nonflammable, non-ozone depleting release agent/dry lubricant, containing a suspension of low-molecular PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) fluoropolymers.  As a dry lubricant, MS-143TE minimizes “slip-stick” and is ideal for low speed, light load applications. MS-143TE offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced release agent durability/adhesion
  • Efficient and consistent release of molded parts
  • Outstanding lubricity (low coefficient of friction)
  • Nonflammable, Non-ozone depleting formulation
  • Non-migrating; Non-staining

PTFE Bulk Liquid (MS-143)

MS-143XD | Dry Film Mold Release Agent

MS-143XD is a versatile and robust release agent / dry lubricant, which utilizes a rapidly drying, VOC exempt carrier solvent to enhance throughput and production efficiency. The formulation contains a high lubricity, low molecular weight PTFE fluoropolymer designed to not interfere with posting finishing operations.  MS-143XD offers the following benefits:

  • Efficient, consistent release of molded parts
  • Outstanding lubricity and minimization of slip-stick
  • VOC exempt formulation
  • Nonflammable, Non-ozone depleting
  • Non-migrating; Non-staining

Miller-Stephenson's PTFE release agent is a water-based formulation which utilizes sub 1.0 micron PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) particles to impart superior lubricity, surface adhesion and durability, and outstanding mold release efficiency. The outstanding lubricity and extremely low coefficient of friction of this water based PTFE has been optimized for hot mold application (>190 F / 88 C). The formulation has been further enhanced with proprietary surface activation chemistry to increase adhesion of the PTFE to the molding surface.  The result is a water-based release agent that is very cost-effective by maximizing releases per application and decreasing down-time. Benefits of this product include:

  • Water-based formulation; Hot mold optimized
  • Enhanced surface adhesion; Maximized durability
  • Excellent release of all polymer types
  • Non-flammable; No VOC; No GWP

PTFE Bulk Liquid (MS-143)

RA Dry Film Dispersion

RA Dry Film Dispersion provides an ultra-thin layer of Chemours’ low molecular weight PTFE. It’s extreme stability and anti-fouling characteristics are most notably utilized as a mold release agent for extremely reactive parts such as rubbers, elastomers, epoxies, urethanes, and plastic parts. While it’s low coefficient of friction, anti-stick and highly lubricious properties allow it to act exceptionally well as a dry lubricant and be a more practical alternative to traditionally used oils and greases. Finally, RA can be used as an additive to oils, paints, and semisolids to enhance lubricity and slip, prevent fouling and staining, and promote thickening.

PTFE Bulk Liquid (MS-143)

RA/IPA DryFilm Dispersion

Chemours™ RA/IPA DryFilm Dispersion are extremely stable PTFE dispersions which provide unmatched lubricity, anti-stick, anti-fouling and mold release properties in an ultra thin-film coating. Used extensively as release agents in processes involving the molding of rubber, plastic, and urethane parts, Chemours™ DryFilm dispersions have a low coefficient of friction that also translates into superior effectiveness as a dry lubricant. This dispersion can also be added to paint and coating formulations to provide added anti-stain, anti-fouling, and high slip properties.