Krytox™ Oils and Greases

Krytox™ oils and lubricants from Chemours™, have a proven track record of being a critical component in the production of mechanical ventilators. These oils and greases offer superior friction reduction, elimination of slip-stick issues, enhanced gasket and O-rings sealing, and 100% compatibility with all plastics, rubbers, elastomers/silicones. Krytox™ lubricants provide the peace-of-mind of 100% chemical and biological inertness and non-flammability.

Krytox™ Lubricants

TriboSys™ Biocompatible Oils and Greases

TriboSys™ biocompatible lubricants, are a specialty series of PFPE oils and greases that provide superior quality lubrication under the most challenging medical applications in comparison to hydrocarbon and silicone alternatives. Conforming to ISO 10993 standards, TriboSys™ was designed to be 100% biological inert, non-nutrient, and oxygen-safe. These lubricants decrease wear and extend service intervals on all medical devices like mechanical ventilators. NASA has specified the use TriboSys™ 3270MD in the production of their VITAL ventilators.

All variants of TriboSys™ are unaffected by all forms of sterilization and will not transfer or degrade under these conditions.

TriboSys™ Specialty Lubricants

ReleaSys™ 8200 & ReleaSys™ DF

ReleaSys™ High Performance Systems offer advanced release coatings that provide superior ease of release, consistency, and zero transfer. Utilizing next-generation fluoropolymer release coatings, our systems are specifically designed to release plastic, elastomer/silicone, and composites for medical applications. Both coatings offer numerous releases from a single coating and no oily transfer.

ReleaSys™ 8200 is a 100% water-based, zero-VOC product designed to provide superior release ease for high-tack silicone elastomers, high temperature plastics, and filled composites.

ReleaSys™ DF is an advanced DryFilm, PTFE-based release coating, provide a consistent and reliable release of all molding materials with zero transfer and ultra low-odor.

ReleaSys™ Specialty Release Coatings

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