Epoxy Resin Systems

Epoxy Resin Systems - ABOUT

Miller-Stephenson offers a diverse line of EPON Epoxy Resins, EPONEX UV-resistant Resins, EPIREZ Waterborne Resins, EPIKURE Curing Agents, and HELOXY Modifiers. These products vary in chemical structure, molecular weight, viscosity and functionality, providing the formulator with a multitude of options. There is at least one resin system that can be used to achieve a specific property or a combination of properties, whether it be low viscosity, chemical resistance, reactivity, flexibility, heat resistance, UV resistance or fire retardance.

Hexion epoxy resins give you mechanical strength, heat resistance, fire retardance, chemical and corrosion resistance, low moisture absorption, high elongation and more. Hexion epoxy resins play an integral and important role across a wide variety of applications from coatings and electrical laminates to composites and adhesives. Hexion epoxy resins, curing agents and modifiers are found in everything from cars and trucks to windmills, electronics, aircraft and buildings. They adhere, protect, bind, bond and coat and provide an expansive range of applications and capabilities, you’re sure to find an epoxy system to fit your specific formulation needs.