EPI-REZ™ Water-borne Resin

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Hexion’s EPI-REZ Epoxy Resins are Waterborne Resins systems that allow formulator to reduce VOC while maintaining performance and structural strength. Hexion’s EPI-REZ™ Epoxy Waterborne Resins and EPIKURE™ Curing Agents for waterborne systems are a unique portfolio of products that are compatible with each other, and allow the formulator to develop waterborne formulations that in many instances are capable substitutes to formulations containing a high portion of Volatile Organic Compounds. These combinations can generally be diluted to a desired solids level simply with water addition. Due to their high degree of compatibility with many components, EPI-REZ Epoxy Resins and/or EPIKURE Curing Agents can also be formulated with wetting agents, additives, cosolvents and coupling agents to obtain formulations for fast dry as well as high after cure corrosion resistance and superior adhesion to various substrates.

EPI-REZ Waterborne Resins can be used in most traditional applications such as in flooring, adhesives, anti-corrosive primers and textile binders to reduce or eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds without sacrificing performance. EPI-REZ Waterborne Resins are also used to coat engineering fibers in order to provide superior matrix adhesion in high performing fiber reinforced composite applications. Due to the ease in handling, waterborne epoxies can now be used in many nontraditional applications where solvent-borne and highly viscous epoxy resins could not be used. EPI-REZ waterborne resins can also be combined with other waterborne polymers, such as polyurethanes, various latex polymers and phenolic resins, such that unique performance properties can be obtained.

EPI-REZ™ Water-borne Resin

EPI-REZ 3522-W-60

EPI-REZ™ Resin 3522-W-60 is a non ionic, aqueous dispersion of a solid bisphenol A epoxy resin similar to EPON™ Resin 1002F, with an epoxide equivalent weight of 550 to 650 and a Durran’s melting point of 75 to 85 °C. EPI-REZ 3522-W-60 is supplied at a moderate viscosity and is mechanically stable. No organic solvents are present. EPI-REZ 3522-W-60 offers a solvent-free approach to the formulation of film adhesives, fiberglass reinforced plastics, chemical resistant pipe, and electrical dip coatings and varnishes. In addition, EPI-REZ 3522-W-60 can be used in the formulation of coatings where conventional solvent based epoxy resins are normally used.

  • Non-ionic, aqueous dispersion
  • No organic solvents
  • Offers solvent-free formulations

EPI-REZ™ Water-borne Resin

EPI-REZ 5003-W-55

EPI-REZ™ 5003-W-55 is a nonionic aqueous dispersion of a polyfunctional aromatic epoxy resin with an average functionality of three. It is intended for high performance applications such as industrial fabric finishes and adhesives which require maximum chemical and solvent resistance and/or elevated temperature service.

  • Maximum Chemical and Solvent Resistance
  • Nonionic Aqueous Dispersion

EPI-REZ™ Water-borne Resin

EPI-REZ 5522-WY-55

EPI-REZ™ 5522-WY-55 is a polyfunctional epoxy resin dispersion is intended for use in ambient cure, two-component, water reducible epoxy coatings formulated for applications requiring a high degree of chemical and corrosion protection. Although EPI-REZ 5522-WY-55 exhibits good compatibility with several amine functional water reducible converters, it is suggested for use with water reducible EPIKURE™ 8290-Y-60 Curing Agent. Clear paints, enamels and primers for metal, concrete or masonary can be formulated with EPI-REZ™ 5522-WY-55. Benefits include:

  • Rapid room temperature cure; Low VOC
  • Good paint stability; Performance versatility
  • Long-term water and humidity resistance
  • Corrosion resistance over a variety of substrates
  • Adhesion to damp concrete

EPI-REZ™ Water-borne Resin


EPI-REZ Resin WD 510 is a liquid, bisphenol A type epoxy resin specifically designed for water dilution. In combination with epoxy curing agents and dilution with water it forms resin in water emulsions. It is useful as a modifier for Portland Cement, concrete, mortars, stuccos, and grouts. As a binder it is useful for trowel applied floor toppings, bond coats, base coats, membrane coatings and sealers. EPI-REZ WD 510 forms uniform dispersion in water in combination with Aliphatic amine curing agents, including adducts, amidoamines, polyamides, and accelerated amines. Benefits Include:

  • Specifically designed for water dilution emulsions
  • Bisphenol A type epoxy resin
  • Can be used as a modifier and binder