Waterborne Epoxy Resins | EPI-REZ 5522-WY-55

EPI-REZ™ 5522-WY-55 is a polyfunctional epoxy resin dispersion is intended for use in ambient cure, two-component, water reducible epoxy coatings formulated for applications requiring a high degree of chemical and corrosion protection. Although EPI-REZ 5522-WY-55 exhibits good compatibility with several amine functional water reducible converters, it is suggested for use with water reducible EPIKURE™ 8290-Y-60 Curing Agent. Clear paints, enamels and primers for metal, concrete or masonary can be formulated with EPI-REZ™ 5522-WY-55. Benefits include:

  • Rapid room temperature cure; Low VOC
  • Good paint stability; Performance versatility
  • Long-term water and humidity resistance
  • Corrosion resistance over a variety of substrates
  • Adhesion to damp concrete