HELOXY™ Epoxy Functional Modifiers

HELOXY™ Epoxy Functional Modifiers - ABOUT

Hexion’s epoxy functional product line of HELOXY Epoxy Functional Modifiers offers formulators the ability to choose between monofunctional and polyfunctional glycidyl ethers, and flexibilizers for their formulating needs. HELOXY modifiers offer: Improved cured system flexibility, increased peel and impact strength, increased levels of filler loading, improved resin wetting action, and reduced viscosity and surface tension. HELOXY™ modifiers are epoxy functionalized alcohols, diols, polyols and acids. Hexion offers three classes of HELOXY Modifiers: monofunctional glycidyl ethers, polyfunctional glycidyl ethers and polyfunctional flexibilizers. Areas of application for HELOXY modifiers include coatings, civil engineering, adhesives, FRP applications, potting and molding.

The monofunctional HELOXY products include both aliphatics and aromatics and are primarily utilized as diluents for a variety of epoxy resins. The polyfunctional HELOXY products are aliphatics that provide an increase in the chemical resistance and mechanical performance of the system. The HELOXY  flexibilizers can improve wetting performance, offer good color properties for outdoor applications, and can increase the impact strength and toughness of a system.