Poly-functional Glycidyl Ethers

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Poly-functional Glycidyl Ethers


HELOXY™ Modifier 107 is the diglycidyl ether of cyclohexane dimethanol. While it is primarily used as a reactive diluent or viscosity reducing modifier for epoxy resin formulations, it also can effectively serve as a reactive intermediate for further synthesis of various cycloaliphatic based resins. Benefits include:

  • Reduces viscosity of epoxy formulations while maintaining most cured state properties
  • Provides excellent cured state resistance to creep or deformation under high stress
  • Effective means of incorporating a cycloaliphatic structure into the polymer chain

Poly-functional Glycidyl Ethers


HELOXY™ Modifier 48 is a low viscosity aliphatic triglycidyl ether useful in the viscosity, reactivity, and performance modification of epoxy resin systems. Applications can be fast setting adhesives, Low temperature curing floor surfacing and concrete patching compounds, hard abrasion resistant clear castings and decoupage systems. Benefits include:  

Poly-functional Glycidyl Ethers


HELOXY™Modifier 68 is a diglycidyl ether of neopentyl glycol and is primarily used as a reactive diluent or viscosity reducing modifier for all classes of epoxy resins. Benefits include:

  • Reduces viscosity while maintaining most cured state properties
  • Improves wetting characteristics
  • Facilitates air release