Waterborne Epoxy Resins | EPI-REZ WD 510

EPI-REZ Resin WD 510 is a liquid, bisphenol A type epoxy resin specifically designed for water dilution. In combination with epoxy curing agents and dilution with water it forms resin in water emulsions. It is useful as a modifier for Portland Cement, concrete, mortars, stuccos, and grouts. As a binder it is useful for trowel applied floor toppings, bond coats, base coats, membrane coatings and sealers. EPI-REZ WD 510 forms uniform dispersion in water in combination with Aliphatic amine curing agents, including adducts, amidoamines, polyamides, and accelerated amines. Benefits Include:

  • Specifically designed for water dilution emulsions
  • Bisphenol A type epoxy resin
  • Can be used as a modifier and binder