Specialty Solvents

Specialty Solvents - ABOUT

Not all industrial cleaners have kept pace with the increasing demands for purity and regulatory restrictions in high technology industries. Miller-Stephenson’s specialty solvents utilize the most advanced, safest, and eco-friendly chemistry currently available.  As electronic systems have become smaller and more complex, chemical purity has become even more critical. Today’s electronic components run hotter, are smaller and more complex than ever before. This creates situations where dendritic expansion or corrosion can proliferate if the cleaning is not perfect. Miller-Stephenson offers ultra high-purity, non-flammable, and high cleaning efficiency solvents for a variety of industries and specifications.  We offer VOC exempt and low or no GWP based solvent systems to meet all current and future regulatory specifications. From Electronic, Aerospace, and Military to Vapor Degreasing applications, Miller-Stephenson has the right solution for your specific application and requirements.

Our newest product line, Opteon Specialty solvents have been developed for the specialty applications market, including heat transfer fluid, carrier fluid/lubricant deposition, high voltage dielectrics, and precision cleaning. They have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP) to meet stringent environmental regulations and requirements. Opteon™ Sion has the ability to clean a wide range of contaminants. The fluid features high solvency and low surface tension, which can improve the efficiency of a vapor degreaser. Opteon™ Specialty fluids is easy to use and provides reliability with hassle-free maintenance.