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Opteon SF-10

Opteon™ SF10, formerly Opteon Suprion carrier fluid is a clear, colorless, nonflammable, thermally stable, fluorinated fluid developed in response to worldwide market demand for a low environmental impact solvent for cleaning, as a carrier fluid, and many other applications.


Opteon™ SF-79

Opteon™ SF-79 is next-generation, high performance specialty cleaning fluid designed to offer superior cleaning power, higher efficiency, and safety in a eco-friendly low global warming potential (GWP) and non-ozone depleting formulation. Ideally suited for vapor degreasing, precision cleaning of PCB boards, cold cleaning and removal of greases and oils. Opteon Sion | SF-790 is is superior replacement for n-propyl bromide and TCE across many demanding cleaning applications. Opteon™ Sion |SF-79 is increasingly chosen for vapor decreasing, because of its industry leading solvency power (KB value), as well as its improved safety and environmental properties. Benefits include:

  • Superior cleaning performance (Kb value = 103)
  • Excellent environmental profile: Low GWP (<15); No ODP
  • 100% Non-Flammable
  • Fast-Drying and low boiling point (47°C)
  • Ideal replacement for nPB and TCE

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