Krytox™ & Other Lubricants

Krytox™ & Other Lubricants - ABOUT

Krytox™: Engineered for applications where extreme temperatures, non-flammability, oxygen compatibility, longevity, and resistance to caustic chemicals are critical, Krytox performs where other lubricants fail. Krytox is a high performance perfluoropolyether (PFPE) synthetic lubricant which thrives in tough challenges, in the most unforgiving environments, across a wide array of industries.

TriboSys: Miller-Stephenson’s exclusive line of industrial, medical, and food-grade lubricant. Our lubricant offer superior lubricity and longevity while minimizing wear and heat generation.

Teflon Lubricant: DuPont™ series of industrial and commercial lubricants which are fortified with polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) and other proprietary additives. These formulations offer robust performance versus standard hydrocarbon and silicone oil based lubricant.