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Krytox™ Lubricants Discovered in 1959, the polymer that would become known worldwide as Krytox showed remarkable thermal and oxidative stability. Potential uses envisioned then included lubricant for the MACH 3+ turbine engine, hydraulic oil, rocket gear box lubricant, and even gyroscope oil.

Originally developed for the U.S. Space Program, Krytox Performance Lubricants are a family of fluorinated synthetic oils and PTFE thickened greases that perform where conventional lubricants fail. Krytox Lubricants exhibit superior lubricity, high load carrying ability, and extra wear protection. Excellent for high-temperature applications and chemically aggressive environments. Available in general purpose, mil-spec grade, and food grades. Some lubricants also have a National Stock Number.

Today, Krytox our well-known trademark for high-performance synthetic lubricants used for a variety of applications. Krytox oils are made from only fluorine, carbon, and oxygen—a mixture of compounds collectively known by many names—including PFPE, perfluoroalkylether (PFAE), and perfluoropolyalkylether (PFPAE). Krytox perfluorinated oils and greases deliver high performance, perform at wide temperature ranges, and provide superior quality lubrication under extreme conditions in comparison to hydrocarbon alternatives. The use of Chemours unique PTFE thickener provides superior chemical and thermal stability to all Krytox grease product lines. Many greases are also available with additional anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives to further boost performance in critical operations. PFPE performance lubricants provide superior performance and extended life as lubricants, sealants, and dielectrics. With exceptional performance and reliability in the toughest conditions—where productivity matters and downtime costs, it can contribute significantly to lowering the cost of doing business. And, with a global distribution network and world-class technical service, Krytox is the lubricant of choice for extreme conditions and performance.

Miller-Stephenson is an authorized distributor of Krytox lubricants

Miller-Stephenson has been a partner and distributor of Chemours formerly Dupont Krytox since 1991.