Krytox™ AUT Series

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Krytox™ AUT Series is a line of products designed to address the automotive industry’s need for lubricants that combine efficiency and performance at both low and high temperatures. While all grades in the AUT Series are based on ISO 100-grade peruoropolyether (PFPE) oil, each Krytox AUT grade is formulated with unique additives to provide flexible options for anti-corrosion protection for automotive equipment and heavy transportation parts, such as viscous fan clutch bearings, alternators and idler bearings. Designed to fill the gap between Krytox GPL 224 and Krytox GPL 225—delivering low temperature starting performance while maintaining efcacy at hotter operating temperatures— the AUT series can increase the service life of critical components, allowing automotive manufacturers to extend warranties and improve productivity by reducing component failure.

Krytox™ AUT Series

Krytox™ AUT 2045

Krytox™ AUT 2045 is a white grease based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE). PFPE lubricants demonstrate outstanding product life and unequaled performance. AUT 2045, like most greases, combines the base oil with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder as a thickener. The use of PFPE as a base oil provides superior chemical and thermal stability to all grease product lines. Krytox Authorized Distributor

Krytox™ AUT Series

Krytox™ AUT 2245

Krytox™ AUT 2245 grease addresses a broad range of applications from O-ring to bearing lubrication over a wide temperature range where corrosion is a potential issue. It is thickened with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and contains sodium nitrite, a traditional anti-corrosion additive. Krytox Authorized Distributor

Krytox™ AUT Series

Krytox™ AUT 2A45

Krytox™ AUT 2A45 grease is formulated with soluble additives that exhibit excellent resistance to water washout, repel moisture, and provide extra protection from corrosion of metal parts and bearing surfaces. With no solid additives, bearings run quieter and wear less, extending bearing and component life. Krytox Authorized Distributor

Krytox™ AUT Series

Krytox™ AUT 2E45

Krytox™ AUT 2E45 grease is a nitrite-free lubricant, formulated with anti-rust additives that are effective at low concentration levels, are environmentally friendly, and do not pose any restrictions on the long-term recyclability of the grease. Krytox Authorized Distributor

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