Krytox™ TS4 Thread Sealant

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Krytox™ TS4 Thread Sealant


Krytox™  TS4 thread sealant, the solution for demanding applications, is designed for use on a variety of metal and plastic surfaces. Unlike PTFE tape, which should be removed before re-application, Krytox TS4 can be re-applied over existing Krytox thread sealant. Krytox TS4 is conveniently available in 0.5, 2, and 8 oz tubes, 0.5 kg jars, and other size containers available upon request.

Key Benefits

  • Unlike PTFE Teflon tape, Krytox TS4 can be re-applied over existing Krytox thread sealant without issue.
  • Clings to threads and will not shred or tear on assembly/disassembly.
  • Cannot plug or restrict critical piping, valves, or instruments like tape solids.
  • Non-reactive, non-toxic, nonflammable, non-corrosive and compatible with most seal, O-ring, and valve polymers.
  • No VOC content or hydrocarbon in the product; safe for oxygen use with no auto-ignition temperatures.
  • Cost-effective—only a small amount of sealant needed per application.
  • Fast and easy to apply, even while wearing protective gloves.
  • Operating temperature range of –54–149 ºC (–65–300 ºF).
  • Tested leak free under helium at 400 psi for 7 days.*

Krytox™ TS4 Thread Sealant

Krytox™ TS4 Thread Sealant Grease

krytox-ts4-thread-sealant-sampleKrytox™ TS4 thread sealant grease has an Oil Viscosity of 160 cSt at 40°C and the estimated useful temperature range is 99°C to 204°C. Krytox Authorized Distributor