Krytox™ Aerospace GREASES & OILS

Krytox™ Aerospace GREASES & OILS - ABOUT

Krytox™ Aerospace Lubricants were initially developed by DuPont in the early 1960s specifically for the precise and demanding lubrication needs of the aerospace industry. Krytox synthetic lubricants have since replaced hundreds of special-formula, hydrocarbon-based oils and greases throughout the aerospace and aviation industries, thanks to a long list of superior performance characteristics and certifications.

Since the first commercial application over 50 years ago, Krytox synthetic lubricants have delivered consistent, superior, extended performance. Today, with new additives for new challenges, Krytox lubricants continue to deliver extreme performance under extreme conditions. Krytox is the lubricant of choice for demanding conditions, high and low temperatures, extreme pressure, and harsh environments. Krytox Aerospace lubricants can be used to improve the performance of traditionally non-lubricated materials, such as DuPont™ Vespel® CR-6100 bushings.

Krytox aerospace greases are available in grades conforming to/applicable under:

  • MIL PRF-27617 Type I-IV
  • CAGE Code No. 50JY2 (manufacturing)
  • CAGE Code No. 43S57 (business)
  • FSN, NSN #9150-01-008-0498
  • NATO #G-398