Krytox™ Aerospace & Aviation Greases

Krytox™ Aerospace & Aviation Greases - ABOUT

Krytox™ Aerospace & Aviation 240 series greases are white buttery greases with all of the same properties as our 143 series oils that they are made from, but they are in grease form. Krytox 240 AZ, 240 AB and 240 AC are MIL PRF-27617 Type I-III greases. If Krytox 240 AZ is ordered to meet MIL-SPEC requirements, it must be ordered as NLGI Grade 1 to meet the specification.

Krytox Aerospace & Aviation 250 series EP greases are black greases that contain molybdenum disulfide added as an extreme pressure additive for highly loaded gears and bearings.

Krytox Aerospace & Aviation 283 series anticorrosion greases are white greases that contain sodium nitrite. These grades provide rust protection at ambient temperatures, corrosion protection at high temperatures, and anti-wear protection.

Krytox FPG greases conform to MIL-PRF 27617 Type IV requires and smooth, buttery white grease. It has been specifically developed to operate over a wide temperature service range, to be resistant to hydrocarbon fuel and liquid oxygen, and to be used as a lubricant in aircraft, aerospace vehicles, and supporting equipment.

Krytox 240 AC, 240 AB and 240 AZ gr-1 greases now have NSF approval for incidental food contact (H-1) in and around food processing areas.