PTFE Dry Film Lubricants

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Miller-Stephenson PTFE Dry Film Lubricants utilize low molecular PTFE (TEFLON)  which enhances surface adhesion, dramatically reduces coefficient of friction and minimizes “slip stick” problems. Our PTFE Dry film lubricants are extremely stable, appropriate for anti-stick, dry film lubrication. Their superior effectiveness provides lubrication over a range of applications for which smooth, repeated movement is essential. Dry Film lubrication products offer great alternatives to greases and oils where long-term friction reduction, clean adherence to components, or cosmetic appearance is top priority. Unlike most oils and greases, PTFE Dry Film lubricants are non-migrating, staying where they are applied rather than spreading into surrounding areas. Dry Films are extremely stable and nonflammable, while offering enough durability to lubricate components for the life of the part. Dry Film lubrication products accommodate almost as many methods of application as the end-use industries they serve. Our Dry Film dispersions solve friction problems in diverse industrial processes from the personal care industry to appliance and automotive manufacturing.

MS-122AD was developed as an efficient, economical and universal release agent and dry lubricant. This formulation contains a high lubricity, low molecular weight PTFE fluoropolymer specialized for mold release and dry lubricant applications.  A nonflammable, non-ozone depleting carrier solvent / propellant mixture ensures all environmental regulations are met.

MS-122ADL Dry Lubricant is eco-friendly, low-global warming, and meets the environmental restrictions of both Europe and Canada. MS-122ADL can be used for a variety of applications and applied to a variety of surfaces. MS-122ADL is also an excellent universal Release Agent that provides a very uniform coating, especially on rubber molds.low global warming

PTFE Aerosol (MS-122)

MS-122XD | PTFE Dry-Film Lubricant

MS-122XD was designed as an efficient, durable, and universal dry film lubricant with superior release and non-stick characteristics. Has the fastest dry time of all the products in the 122 series with the most refined final ultra-thin film properties

PTFE Dry Film Lubricants

Vydax NRT 960 | Dry Film Coating

Vydax™ NRT 960 is a nonflammable, translucent dry film coating that exhibits excellent lubrication and anti-stick properties. The coating produced by Vydax™ NRT 960 is clean, non-oily, nonstaining, chemically inert, and can function in continuous use in temperatures up to 392ºF/200ºC. It is oxygen safe and LOX compatible, as determined per ASTM G86. No ODC (ozone-depleting chemicals). Product advantages include:

  • Chemically inert
  • Effective coating for moderate to high temperatures
  • Designed for use with oxygen systems
  • No ODC (ozone-depleting chemicals)