Semi-Permanent Release Agents

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Semi-Permanent Release Agents


ReleaSys™ 8800 is a high performance water-based, semi-permanent mold release system developed to yield unmatched durability and surface slip. This formulation is ideal for high performance composite structures and large scale molding operations ReleaSys 8800 excels at releasing parts from complex, intricate mold geometries. ReleaSys 8800 will not interfere with post-production finishing operation. Benefits of this product include:

  • Superior release agent durability
  • Ideal for TPU and Thermoset Plastics
  • Ideal for high complexity molds
  • Highest Slip; Minimized transfer


Epoxy Mold Release Agents

Epoxy Release Agent | ReleaSys™ EP5

Advanced epoxy release system designed to provide exceptional release of epoxy composites, adhesives, and injection molded parts. ReleaSys EP5 performs in the most demanding epoxy molding and adhesive release operations, providing superior reapplication intervals, consistent part quality, and smooth release in an economical and efficient one-coat system.

  • Miller-Stephenson most advanced DryFilm system
  • Optimized for Epoxy-based systems
  • Exceptional durability with no transfer
  • Rapid Drying and Cure times
  • Silicone, Wax, Oil free


Water-based release agent. Ideally suited for Fiberglass, Composite, and Epoxy molding. Utilizes a proprietary polymeric backbone that generates a coating that binds tenaciously to mold surfaces providing a durable thin film with excellent surface slip and ease of release. Designed to replace wax and silicone based systems.

  • Multiple Releases; Ease to Apply
  • Exceptional utility across a broad range of substrates
  • Ideally suited for FRP, Composites and Epoxies
  • Improves part quality; Protects mold surface


Highly versatile water-based, semi-permanent molding release agent designed to exhibit superior durability and release.  Advanced chemistry provides extended reapplication intervals, ideally suited for high-throughput rubber, fluorocarbon and elastomer molders.

  • Optimized for Difficult Rubber/Elastomer molding
  • Ideal for complexity molds
  • High Release; No transfer
  • Minimizes mold build-up and fouling


Plastic Mold Release Agents

Plastic Release Agent | ReleaSys™ 8000

ReleaSys™ 8000 is an advanced release system designed for today's most aggressive molding applications. Providing substantial improvements in release coating durability, ease of use, and cleanliness.  Improves product throughput, minimizes downtime, and provides reliable release throughout the entire production campaign.

  • Designed  for Aggressive & Sticky Substrates
  • Ideal of Polyurethane, Plastic, Epoxies, & Composites
  • Provides extremely durability release films
  • Consistent and Reliable Ejection and Release


Semi-Permanent Release Agents - ABOUT

ReleaSys™ is Miller-Stephenson’s most advanced, semi-permanent release agents which maximizes releases per application and minimizes mold fouling and transfer. Our release agent forms a chemical bond to the mold surface which results in exceptional surface adhesion, durability, and application efficiency. All variants of the ReleaSys™ Series will deliver higher productivity, lower rejection rates, and higher quality products even in the most demanding applications. We offer various slip-levels and have specialized formulations for differing polymer types and molding processes ( ie: injection, transfer, compression).  Miller-Stephenson has developed ReleaSys™ semi-permanent release agents with formulations that are applicable for virtually all types of composites, elastomers, urethanes and organic polymers.

Our customers can expect higher productivity and profitability through reduced downtime, increased acceptance rates and improved part quality when switching to Miller-Stephenson’s ReleaSys line. Our formulations are 100% nonflammable, low odor and are offered in either water or solvent-based carriers. These products come as either aerosol formulations for convenient, uniform application or as economical bulk formulations. For more information about which mold release agent is right for you click here or for help with application or troubleshooting while using ReleaSys. Miller-Stephenson provides customization to any of our off-the-shelf products, this ensures our customers have the most optimized and efficient release agent for their specific operation.