ReleaSys™ DFX | Semi-Permanent Release Spray

ReleaSys™ DFX Semi-Permanent Release Spray is Miller-Stephenson’s most advanced PTFE DryFilm release system, providing the unmatched performance of our ReleaSys™ DF in the convenience of a aerosol spray can.  Our proprietary formulation provides not only superior performance but the product is specifically tuned to matched the performance of professional HVLP spray equipment. Customers using the ReleaSys DFX get the performance of a bulk release system and the uniform/thin-film coating of a professional spray system, in a convenient aerosol can. Benefits include:

  • Next-Generation PTFE Thin-Film Coating
  • Superior Spray Pattern and DryFilm Technology
  • Efficient, Reliable, and Predictable Release Performance
  • Ideal for Epoxies, Composites, and Plastics
  • 100% Non-Silicone, Oil, and Wax