Specialty Mold Release

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Miller-Stephenson specialty mold release agents have been meticulously refined for specific mold operations such as Pre-cast concrete release, Glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), Rotational molding (ROTO-Molding), and Ultra-High Temperature composites and plastics. Miller-Stephenson proprietary chemistries provide unmatched performance, cost-effectiveness, and throughput. These specialty mold release products are meticulous designed for optimal performance while minimizing worker exposure and meeting strict environmental regulations. ReleaSys specialty mold release solution feature easy-to-apply, ultra-low or no VOC formulations and eco-friendly water-based formulations.

ReleaSys™ 7800 is a high performance, ultra-thin film release agent designed to offer superior slip and release ease to all molding operations and substrates. Miller-Stephenson's advanced chemistry provides a release agent which allows molded parts to be painted, plated, hot-stamped, bonded, labelled or otherwise decorated without the need for time-consuming post molding cleaning.  Our product imparts ultra-low surface energy allowing resins, plastics, and other polymers to easily flow and fill all molding crevices, increasing part aesthetic quality and dramatically increasing ease of release.  ReleaSys™ 7800 Paintable Mold Release provides long-lasting anti-stick properties to all metallic and non-metallic mold surfaces.

  • Allows molded parts to be painted, hotstamped. bonded, etc
  • Ideal for composite, epoxy, and FRP substrates
  • Ideal for complex molds and stubborn parts
  • Elimination of “fish eyes” and post-molding cleaning
  • Optimal pigment transfer and color appearance


ReleaSys™ AR Asphalt Release Agent is a next-generation, ultra-high performance coating designed to provide a long-lasting, durable barrier to truck beds, shovels, boots, etc allowing easy, quick removal of asphalt from the coated surface.  Our proprietary resin-based release coating offers extreme durability and easy of application: Simple spray on and allow to dry completely.  You are now left with an ultra-thin, highly lubricious coating that will allow your molten asphalt to easily ‘slip’ off the surface.


Miller-Stephenson has a developed a high-performance concrete release agent specifically designed for release of complex, challenging concrete mold designs. Our product minimizes/eliminates "bug-holes", provides high surface quality, consistent color pigmentation, and accurate replication of natural stone patterns.  Most importantly, ReleaSys CR achieves all of this in a highly efficient and cost-effective system. Benefits Include:

  • Extended service life of flexible molds
  • Minimization/Elimination of "bug-holes"
  • Optimal pigment transfer and color appearance
  • Improved release ease


ReleaSys CR-L is a next-generation concrete form release agent designed to provide smooth, consistent release where other release agents are not effective. Miller-Stephenson provides a superior release film in a 100% Solvent and VOC-free formulation that has the added benefit of an instant dry time. ReleaSys CR-L provides manufacturers with a environmental and worker friendly formulation that also provides superior release and is effective on standard and complex mold configurations. Benefit include

  • Superior Release Coating Technology
  • 100% Solvent and VOC-free
  • Increased Release Ease and Higher Surface Quality
  • Instant Dry times and Self-Levelling
  • More Efficient than Soap and Vegetable Oil based release coatings
  • Environmental and Worker Safe


ReleaSys™ DF is a solvent-based, dryfilm mold release agent designed to provide superior surface adhesion and wear resistance. Miller-Stephenson’s exclusive surface activation technology allows for unmatched durability and maximal releases per application. Utilization of a proprietary fluoropolymer, this non-silicone mold release agent does not transfer and will not contribute to any cross contamination pitfalls typically seen with silicone release agents. ReleaSys™ DF is particularly effective for cold molding operations which require high slip, instant cure, and rapid output. The product is ideally suited for molding epoxies, composites, and thermoplastics. Benefits include:

  • DryFilm Release System
  • No interference will post-molding operations
  • Ideal for Epoxies, Plastics, and Composites
  • Clean, Non-oily, Non-migrating
  • Non-Silicone, Non-wax


ReleaSys™ DFX Semi-Permanent Release Spray is Miller-Stephenson's most advanced PTFE DryFilm release system, providing the unmatched performance of our ReleaSys™ DF in the convenience of a aerosol spray can.  Our proprietary formulation provides not only superior performance but the product is specifically tuned to matched the performance of professional HVLP spray equipment. Customers using the ReleaSys DFX get the performance of a bulk release system and the uniform/thin-film coating of a professional spray system, in a convenient aerosol can. Benefits include:

  • Next-Generation PTFE Thin-Film Coating
  • Superior Spray Pattern and DryFilm Technology
  • Efficient, Reliable, and Predictable Release Performance
  • Ideal for Epoxies, Composites, and Plastics
  • 100% Non-Silicone, Oil, and Wax


ReleaSys EP5 Epoxy release agent is a highly advanced release system designed to provide exceptional release of epoxy composites, adhesives, and injection molded parts.  Utilizing our next-generation fluoropolymer chemistry, we have developed a release coating which provide unmatched utility and performance in all epoxy molding / release operations.  Molded products will exhibit ease of release cycle after cycle without the need for frequent re-application or the need to clean the part off. A truly unrivaled chemistry, ReleaSys EP5 performs in the most demanding epoxy molding and adhesive release operations, providing superior reapplication intervals, consistent part quality, and smooth release in an economical and efficient one-coat system.

  • Miller-Stephenson most advanced DryFilm system
  • Optimized for Epoxy-based systems
  • Exceptional durability with no transfer
  • Rapid Drying and Cure times
  • Minimized VOC and odor


ReleaSys™ HTX-D Die Casting Lubricants is Miller-Stephenson's most advanced coating for the die casting industry, engineered to enhanced your production throughput and gain efficiency.  The advanced coating chemistry and innovative water-based formulation helps to serve manufacturers by producing ultra-thin, highly lubricious coatings resulting in smooth, clean release without the need for post-molding cleaning.  Due to the high efficiency of ReleaSys™ HTX-D and need for only thin coats, mold service life and surface quality are maximized while also providing the highest cost-efficiency available

  • Superior Water-based, Thin Film Coatings
  • Unmatched Lubrication and Release Ease
  • Extended Mold Service Life
  • Consistent, Reliable, and Clean Demoulding
  • Ideal for High Pressure and Small Dimensional Casting


High Performance Industrial Coatings

ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER | Mold Release Sealer

ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER is a ultra-high performance mold release sealer designed to enhance release performance and anti-stick properties, reduce mold release consumption, and dramatically reduce mold build-up and cleaning effort.  Utilizing high-density, crosslinking resin technology, ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER generates a hard ultra-thin, continuous and nonporous film that binds tenacious to a variety of surfaces including metals, plastics, epoxies, and ceramics. Benefit include:

  • Next-Generation Thin-Film Resin Technology (< 0.1 micron)
  • Robust and Durable Anti-Stick / Easy Cleaning Coating
  • Extends Mold life and Increases Production Efficiency
  • Reduces consumption of mold release
  • Reduces cleaning requirements
  • Seals microporosity and freshly repaired molds allowing smooth, predictable release characteristics


ReleaSys™ MT-W23 Anti-Tack Coating is highly lubricious, water-based calcium stearate dispersion designed specifically to provide superior anti-tack and anti-stick to the surface of uncured/cured rubber during processing and storage, tire manufacturing, and extrusion/preforms.  Utilizing a proprietary blend of calcium stearates, wetting additives, and dispersants, Miller-Stephensons offers the most stable, lowest foaming, and fastest drying anti-tack coating currently available. ReleaSys MT-W23 utilizes our next-generation water-based technology to provide superior anti-tack and stability regardless of the rubber/elastomer it is being used with. Benefits include:

  • Superior Anti-Stick and Anti-Tack Coating
  • Ideal for uncured rubber and anti-adhesion
  • 100% Water-based, Zero VOC
  • Rapid drying; Leaves behind a water-repellent Dryfilm
  • Ultra-low Foaming, Uniform Dispersion of Calcium Stearate and Slip-Additives


Miller-Stephenson's ReleaSys™ RM Rotational molding release agent combines over 50 years of release agent expertise and thermoplastic molding experience. These formulations are tailored to meet ROTOMOLDING efficiency challenges such as shorter, hotter cycles and tight-tolerance, complex molds. ReleaSys RM is heat stable to 600°F, cures rapidly (even at room temperature), and transfers no mold release to the part. With ReleaSys RM, customers achieve multiple releases, no transfer, reduced pigment build-up, lower scrap rates, better cosmetics, increased productivity, and the safety of a water-based system. Benefits include:

  • Multiple Releases per Application
  • Rapid Cure; No Transfer
  • Superior Adhesion and Durability
  • Heat Stable up to 600°F
  • Optimized Resin Flow


ReleaSys™ TM1 is a high-performance, high cross-linking water-based release system specifically designed to be the most advanced Tire / Bladder release coating available. Part of a new generation of reactive polysiloxane chemistry, ReleaSys™ TM1 promotes highly efficient bladder release, providing better air evacuation promotion, smoother slip for improved bladder centering and durable release performance, all with the use of lower quantities of the release product. ReleaSys TM1 also helps eliminate the start-up difficulties often associated with new bladders, and works to reduce defect levels throughout the life of the bladder. Application can be to the green tire or directly to the bladder. Benefits of this product include:

  • Exceptional release ease and friction reduction
  • Multi-release from a single application
  • No fillers; Optimized coating weight
  • Increased bladder life
  • Minimized buildup and fouling