ReleaSys™ 6120 | Food Grade Release Agent

ReleaSys™ 6120 is an ultra-high performance, water-based release system designed specifically for Food and Cosmetic applications. This product provide superior release, anti-stick, and lubricity properties in an ultra-thin film coating that meets all standards for use in Food and Cosmetic manufacturing application.  Ideal for plastic, rubber, polyurethane, ceramics, waxes, etc this advanced release coating is effective across a broad range of applications and configurations. Benefits include:

  • Food-Cosmetic Grade Approved
  • 100% Water-based, Zero-VOC formulation
  • Superior Release, Anti-Stick, and Lubricity Properties
  • Ideal for Food, Packaging and Cosmetic Application
  • Effective on Plastics, Rubber, Polyurethanes, Waxes, Ceramic, Etc