ReleaSys™ DF | Non-Silicone Mold Release Agent

ReleaSys™ DF is a solvent-based, dryfilm mold release agent designed to provide superior surface adhesion and wear resistance. Miller-Stephenson’s exclusive surface activation technology allows for unmatched durability and maximal releases per application. Utilization of a proprietary fluoropolymer, this non-silicone mold release agent does not transfer and will not contribute to any cross contamination pitfalls typically seen with silicone release agents. ReleaSys™ DF is particularly effective for cold molding operations which require high slip, instant cure, and rapid output. The product is ideally suited for molding epoxies, composites, and thermoplastics. Benefits include:

  • DryFilm Release System
  • No interference will post-molding operations
  • Ideal for Epoxies, Plastics, and Composites
  • Clean, Non-oily, Non-migrating
  • Non-Silicone, Non-wax