ReleaSys™ TM1 | Tire Release Agent

ReleaSys™ TM1 is a high-performance, high cross-linking water-based release system specifically designed to be the most advanced Tire / Bladder release coating available. Part of a new generation of reactive polysiloxane chemistry, ReleaSys™ TM1 promotes highly efficient bladder release, providing better air evacuation promotion, smoother slip for improved bladder centering and durable release performance, all with the use of lower quantities of the release product. ReleaSys TM1 also helps eliminate the start-up difficulties often associated with new bladders, and works to reduce defect levels throughout the life of the bladder. Application can be to the green tire or directly to the bladder. Benefits of this product include:

  • Exceptional release ease and friction reduction
  • Multi-release from a single application
  • No fillers; Optimized coating weight
  • Increased bladder life
  • Minimized buildup and fouling