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Silicone Release Agents from Miller-Stephenson – ReleaSys™ 

Next Generation Silicone Chemistry – Exceptional Release Performance & Cost Efficiency

Miller-Stephenson has been a premier silicone release agents company since 1955. Our advanced chemistries and years of ‘real world’ experience has allowed our product line to keep one step ahead of the demands of the manufacturing sector. Anticipating the needs of our customers has lead Miller-Stephenson to develop a revolutionary new product line, ReleaSys™ Mold Release Systems. This next-generation product line is the most advanced silicone release agents currently available. Providing exceptional release ease, zero mold fouling, ultra low or zero transfer, and improved part quality – our ReleaSys silicone release agents exhibit exceptional performance and value in even the most challenging applications and mold configurations. Whether you are molding plastic, rubber, elastomers, or polyurethane, our ReleaSys product line has a product for you.

Benefits of Silicone Release Agents

  • Multiple releases from a single application
  • Superior release ease and optimized surface quality
  • Solvent based and water based formulation
  • Easy to Apply and Instant Dry / Cure
  • Less downtime between mold cycles
  • Cleaner molds
  • Minimal or zero mold build-up
  • Ultra-Low or Zero VOC

Silicone Mold Release Agents:  ReleaSys – Your solution to common molding issues.

The number one concern for all molders is material contamination by the releasing agent. When developing our next generation release agent chemistry, we made this characteristic our focus.  Our ReleaSys™ release coatings bond strongly to the mold or tooling surface for superior, contamination free release without transfer. These coatings are 100% chemically inert once cured and will effect even the most sensitive polyurethane process. Utilization of this sophisticated chemistry eliminated Pin-holing, knit-lines, oily/greasy feel, and other post molding issues in our customer testing while simultaneously reducing application frequency  – a potent combination for plastic, rubber, and polyurethane molders. Furthering this goal, products such as our ReleaSys™ 8100 and ReleaSys™ 9700S utilize this next-generation release chemistry, providing versatility, cost effectiveness, superior release durability and most importantly zero transfer. Our ReleaSys 8200 and 8500, provide this same chemistry in a zero VOC, water based formulation.

Miller-Stephenson Silicone Mold Release Agents Options Available

  • Concentrated or Ready to use
  • Water based or Solvent based
  • Semi Permanent or Repeated Application
  • Aerosol Formulations or Bulk
  • Custom made formulations

Superior Release Coatings & Unmatched Customer Service

For any assistance with proper application, storage, or general technical assistance please see the links below or call our tech service line, contact our support online or review our ReleaSys product line.  Miller-Stephenson has a team of silicone release agent experts ready to help you.  Our experience in the molding industry and relationship with molding operations, both large and small, provide our tech team with a dynamic perspectives and ‘real world’ practicality. Our staff hold the skills and experience needed to make sure your molding operation is cost effective, efficient, and most important, safe.

50+ years of Industry Expertise at your service

Miller-Stephenson has had a long history in numerous silicone molding industries, and our ReleaSys™ brand of products are respected around the world for quality and reliability. When you purchase Miller-Stephenson ReleaSys Semi-Permanent mold release agents you not only get industry leading products, you also gain access to our many years of direct production floor experience. We understand your production issues and can help you optimize your mold preparation, maintenance and release processes to improve your bottom line.

For help with application or troubleshooting concerns while using ReleaSys.

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