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ReleaSys™ | Next-Gen Release Agent

crosslinking polymer chemistry, exclusive to Miller-Stephenson release agent

ReleaSys™ Next-Generation Release Agent Coating Miller-Stephenson exclusive high-density, crosslinking technology provide superior release agent performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness Miller-Stephenson has been pioneering release agent chemistry and coatings for over 40 years, continuously optimizing and improving our formulations to exceed the challenges of modern manufacturing process. Modern manufacturers demand release coatings that provide improved efficiency, superior […]

Mold Release Agent for Rubber Molding

Mold Release Agent for Rubber Molding

Mold Release Agent for Rubber Molding ReleaSys™ Superior Performance, Next-Generation Chemistry, Cost-Effective – a potent combination. Miller-Stephenson has been intimately involved in rubber and elastomer mold release industry for more than 40 years. Thanks to our extensive pedigree in this industrial and years of on-site technical assistance, our staff are acutely aware of the performance, reliability and […]