ReleaSys™ 7800 | Paintable Mold Release

ReleaSys™ 7800 is a high performance, ultra-thin film release agent designed to offer superior slip and release ease to all molding operations and substrates. Miller-Stephenson’s advanced chemistry provides a release agent which allows molded parts to be painted, plated, hot-stamped, bonded, labelled or otherwise decorated without the need for time-consuming post molding cleaning.  Our product imparts ultra-low surface energy allowing resins, plastics, and other polymers to easily flow and fill all molding crevices, increasing part aesthetic quality and dramatically increasing ease of release.  ReleaSys™ 7800 Paintable Mold Release provides long-lasting anti-stick properties to all metallic and non-metallic mold surfaces.

  • Allows molded parts to be painted, hotstamped. bonded, etc
  • Ideal for composite, epoxy, and FRP substrates
  • Ideal for complex molds and stubborn parts
  • Elimination of “fish eyes” and post-molding cleaning
  • Optimal pigment transfer and color appearance