mold release agent

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Miller-Stephenson's PTFE release agent is a water-based formulation which utilizes sub 1.0 micron PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) particles to impart superior lubricity, surface adhesion and durability, and outstanding mold release efficiency. The outstanding lubricity and extremely low coefficient of friction of this water based PTFE has been optimized for hot mold application (>190 F / 88 C). The formulation has been further enhanced with proprietary surface activation chemistry to increase adhesion of the PTFE to the molding surface.  The result is a water-based release agent that is very cost-effective by maximizing releases per application and decreasing down-time. Benefits of this product include:

  • Water-based formulation; Hot mold optimized
  • Enhanced surface adhesion; Maximized durability
  • Excellent release of all polymer types
  • Non-flammable; No VOC; No GWP


ReleaSys™ 7300  is a semi-permanent mold release agent designed to provide superior durability and surface adhesion in cold molding operations. Utilization of a proprietary release agent and solvent system rapidly accelerates the drying and cure process allowing fast reapplication internals.  This product adheres strongly to the mold surface to provide extended re-application intervals on room temperature and chilled mold surfaces. ReleaSys 7300 is particular effective on all thermosetting and thermoplastics as well as polyurethane foams, resins, and RIM molding operations  Benefits include:

  • Rapid cure: No heating required
  • Ideal for high output molding operations
  • Highly-effective on Room Temp / Chilled molds
  • Exceptional durability and surface adhesion
  • No post-molding cleaning required


ReleaSys™ 7800 is a high performance, ultra-thin film release agent designed to offer superior slip and release ease to all molding operations and substrates. Miller-Stephenson's advanced chemistry provides a release agent which allows molded parts to be painted, plated, hot-stamped, bonded, labelled or otherwise decorated without the need for time-consuming post molding cleaning.  Our product imparts ultra-low surface energy allowing resins, plastics, and other polymers to easily flow and fill all molding crevices, increasing part aesthetic quality and dramatically increasing ease of release.  ReleaSys™ 7800 Paintable Mold Release provides long-lasting anti-stick properties to all metallic and non-metallic mold surfaces.

  • Allows molded parts to be painted, hotstamped. bonded, etc
  • Ideal for composite, epoxy, and FRP substrates
  • Ideal for complex molds and stubborn parts
  • Elimination of “fish eyes” and post-molding cleaning
  • Optimal pigment transfer and color appearance