ReleaSys™ 9700S | Release Coatings

ReleaSys™ 9700S is our premier release coating designed from its origination to be the most technologically advanced release agent available, offering superior performance in a variety of molding configurations and substrates. Utilizing our next-generation polymer chemistry, Miller-Stephenson has developed a release agent which provides unmatched durability, surface adhesion, and absolutely no transfer. A truly revolutionary product, ReleaSys™ 9700S performs in the most demanding operations, offering unmatched reapplication intervals, part quality, and ease of release. ReleaSys™ 9700S is used for release of components in Automotive, Marine, and Aerospace. Benefits include:

  • Miller-Stephenson’s most advanced release agent
  • Superior Durability; Most releases per application
  • Ideal for the most demanding applications
  • No mold build-up or transfer
  • Ultra-low odor formula