ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER | Mold Release Sealer

ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER is a ultra-high performance mold release sealer designed to enhance release performance and anti-stick properties, reduce mold release consumption, and dramatically reduce mold build-up and cleaning effort.  Utilizing high-density, crosslinking resin technology, ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER generates a hard ultra-thin, continuous and nonporous film that binds tenacious to a variety of surfaces including metals, plastics, epoxies, and ceramics. Benefit include:

  • Next-Generation Thin-Film Resin Technology (< 0.1 micron)
  • Robust and Durable Anti-Stick / Easy Cleaning Coating
  • Extends Mold life and Increases Production Efficiency
  • Reduces consumption of mold release
  • Reduces cleaning requirements
  • Seals microporosity and freshly repaired molds allowing smooth, predictable release characteristics