High Performance Industrial Coatings

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High Performance Industrial Coatings

ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER | Mold Release Sealer

ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER is a ultra-high performance mold release sealer designed to enhance release performance and anti-stick properties, reduce mold release consumption, and dramatically reduce mold build-up and cleaning effort.  Utilizing high-density, crosslinking resin technology, ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER generates a hard ultra-thin, continuous and nonporous film that binds tenacious to a variety of surfaces including metals, plastics, epoxies, and ceramics. Benefit include:

  • Next-Generation Thin-Film Resin Technology (< 0.1 micron)
  • Robust and Durable Anti-Stick / Easy Cleaning Coating
  • Extends Mold life and Increases Production Efficiency
  • Reduces consumption of mold release
  • Reduces cleaning requirements
  • Seals microporosity and freshly repaired molds allowing smooth, predictable release characteristics

High Performance Industrial Coatings

ShieldSys™ 1400 | Silicone Industrial Coating

ShieldSys™ 1400 is a high-performance, thin-film industrial coating designed to exhibit superior adhesion and durability on all surfaces, particularly metallic surfaces.  The cured coating provides exceptional abrasion and mar resistance, high slip, and high temperature stability (>500° F).  ShieldSys™ 1400 adheres strongly to highly polished and plated surfaces providing enhance release and lubricity, while not affecting the desired surface finish. Benefits include:

  • Superior Durability and Temperature Stability
  • High lubricity: Thin-Film Coating
  • Non-stick; Low Coefficient of Friction
  • High Abrasion and Mar resistance
  • Exhibits excellent release properties

High Performance Industrial Coatings

ShieldSys™ 197S | Surface Sealer & Coating

ShieldSys™ 197S is a high performance, solvent-borne industrial coating designed to bind tenaciously to metallic surfaces, offering unmatched durability and surface protection. Utilization of a proprietary solvent carrier system provides the coating with excellent self-leveling properties while also reducing over-spray, odor and VOC. Utilizing thin-film polymer technology and anti-corrosion additives, this coating effectively seals most metallic and non-metallic surfaces preventing surface oxidation and damage.  The novel chemistry of this coating allows for exceptional thermal stability and resistance to deterioration from repeated heat cycling.  Benefits include:

  • Excellent surface adhesion and durability
  • Excellent for waterproofing and sealing surfaces
  • Self-Cleaning and Mar Resistance
  • High chemical and thermal resistance
  • Anti-corrosive and low surface energy coating
  • Thin-Film Technology maximizes effectiveness while minimizing application thickness