Industrial Wire Coatings

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Industrial Wire Coatings – Miller-Stephenson provides ultra high-performance coatings and DryFilm lubrication products  which offer great alternatives to greases and oils where long-term friction reduction, clean adherence to components, or cosmetic appearance is top priority. Our coatings provide long-lasting, durable films on the surface of all metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Our Industrial wire coatings are chemical resistant, fast curing, and have variable hardness levels to meet your specific performance requirements. The Industrial Wire Coatings are extremely stable and robust, while offering enough durability to lubricate components for the life of the part. These coating / lubrication coatings accommodate almost as many methods of application as the end-use industries they serve. The unique properties of our coatings makes them ideal in coatings that enhance lubricity and antistick properties on conductor or insulated wire and cable. Our fully synthetic and highly crosslinked coatings, enhance surface adhesion and durability. These DryFilm dispersions are used to impart a thin, nonstick film on metal wires or on insulated wire for cable products and twisted wire in jackets. DryFilm lubrication products reduce insulation stripping force and provide nonstick abrasion resistance to twisted wire and lubricity for welding wire, wire forming, and knitting.

ShieldSys™ 346 is a high-performance water-based, industrial coating designed to provide wires & cables with a highly lubricious, protective coating. This coating generates a robust thin-film which allows for ease wire jacket pulling / removal, high slip, enhance release properties, and excellent corrosion resistance. This coating is safe to use with all electrical and datacomm applications, and other cable types. When applied to hard surfaces it exhibits outstanding anti-stick properties and very low coefficient of friction. Benefits Include:

  • High lubricity: Thin-Film Coating
  • Non-stick; Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Allows easy removal of outer jacket on wire
  • Exhibits excellent release properties
  • 100% water-based formulation; Ultra-low odor / No VOC

Industrial Wire Coatings

ShieldSys™ 402 PTFE Wire Coatings

ShieldSys 402 PTFE Wire Coating is a solvent-based system designed to provide robust anti-stick and wear resistance for a variety of applications and substrates. This coating adds high lubricity and low coefficient of friction properties to metal, glass, rubber, and plastic surfaces. Utilization of a specialized binding system allows for enhance durability and wear resistance. ShieldSys 402 solvent-based formulation offers accelerated drying and cure times relative to ShieldSys 815 and 520. Properly applied, it will develop a high adhesion, durable coating that excels on all insulating or conducting applications and as a dry barrier lubricant. Benefits include:

  • High lubricity; Anti-stick properties
  • Enhance wear resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Non-migrating; Non-oil lubricant

ShieldSys 520 Conductor and Insulator Industrial Wire Coating is a Water/Alcohol PTFE coating system which provides accelerated drying and cure times while still exhibiting exceptional lubricity and wear resistance to all wire and cable surfaces. When applied to a substrate, it exhibits outstanding anti-stick properties and has a very low coefficient of friction. ShieldSys 520 develops a long lasting thin-film that is clean, non-oily, non-staining and chemically inert . Benefits of this product include:

  • High lubricity, Dryfilm coating
  • Effective for Insulating & Conducting uses
  • Non-stick; low coefficient of friction
  • Clean, Non-oily, Non-migrating
  • Allows easy removal of outer jacket on wire

ShieldSys 815 Dryfilm Industrial Coating is a water-based, PTFE coating system providing unmatched utility as a wire and cable lubricant, coating and insulator. Our product generates a thin, dry, and lubricious film on metal wires, insulated wires, and twisted wire in jackets. ShieldSys 815 utilizes proprietary chemistry yielding superior surface adhesion and durability resulting in minimal migration of the lubricant and prolonged application effectiveness. Benefits include:

  • Water-based formulation
  • Superior surface adhesion and durability
  • Anti-stick; low coefficient of friction
  • Low VOC; Low Odor
  • Fast Dry and Cure Times