ReleaSys™ 78 | Heavy Duty Silicone Spray

ReleaSys™ 78 Heavy Duty Silicone Spray was designed to provide the advanced performance of the ReleaSys™ 7800 in the convenience and easy-of-use of an aerosol can format.  Utilizing Miller-Stephenson’s advanced silicone co-polymer chemistry, ReleaSys 78 develops an ultra-thin, highly durable anti-stick coating on surfaces allowing smooth, consistent release regardless of mold material or mold configurations.  This robust coating is stable up to 650 °C and can be used in variety of cold or hot molding applications thanks to optimized crosslinking chemistry and durability.

  • Ultra-Thin, 100% Paintable Coating
  • High Lubricity, Anti-Stick Film
  • Long-Lasting Release Performance
  • Improves part appearance and reduces defects
  • Ultra low odor and Fast evaporating