ReleaSys™ MT-W23 | Anti-Tack Coating

ReleaSys™ MT-W23 Anti-Tack Coating is highly lubricious, water-based calcium stearate dispersion designed specifically to provide superior anti-tack and anti-stick to the surface of uncured/cured rubber during processing and storage, tire manufacturing, and extrusion/preforms.  Utilizing a proprietary blend of calcium stearates, wetting additives, and dispersants, Miller-Stephensons offers the most stable, lowest foaming, and fastest drying anti-tack coating currently available. ReleaSys MT-W23 utilizes our next-generation water-based technology to provide superior anti-tack and stability regardless of the rubber/elastomer it is being used with. Benefits include:

  • Superior Anti-Stick and Anti-Tack Coating
  • Ideal for uncured rubber and anti-adhesion
  • 100% Water-based, Zero VOC
  • Rapid drying; Leaves behind a water-repellent Dryfilm
  • Ultra-low Foaming, Uniform Dispersion of Calcium Stearate and Slip-Additives