ReleaSys 7200W | Polyurethane Mold Release

ReleaSys™ 7200W Polyurethane Foam Mold Release coating is Miller-Stephenson’s next-generation, water-based release coated designed specifically for MDI and TDI-based polyurethane foam operations. These sensitive systems require balance of release agent performance, coating durability and foam stability. Utilization of our proprietary film forming polymers, additives, and foam stabilizers, ReleaSys 7200W provides a substantial leap forward water-based release systems. Optimization and careful addition of a specialized additive packages completely mitigates the previously drawbacks of water-based release systems in the polyurethane foam manufacture.

  • Optimized for Sensitive MDI/TDI Polyurethane Foam Systems
  • Highly Durable, Advanced Thin Film Forming Chemistry
  • 100% Water-based, Zero-VOC
  • Ideal Surface Quality and 100% Paintable/Bondable surface