ReleaSys™ 80S | Polyurethane Foam Spray Release Coating

ReleaSys™ 80S is specifically designed to provide a 100% optically clear, anti-stick and easy clean surface to facemask, tools, and equipment in polyurethane spray foam and manufacturing processes. Utilizing a proprietary blend of functionalized parting agents, this aerosolized coating offers superior performance, easy-of-use, and cost-efficiency allowing equipment to last longer and resist heavy build-up. ReleaSys 80S is a dry mist and ultra thin-film coating that provides the ultimate anti-stick properties for highly reactive polyurethane foam spray applications. Benefits include:

  • Advanced chemistry specifically for anti-stick of PU foam spray
  • 100% optically clear coat, instant dry time, and non-oily
  • Safe and compatible with PPE materials such as goggles, facemasks, etc
  • Exceptional release, ease of cleaning, and cost-efficiency