ReleaSys™ HTX-A | Boron Nitride Release Agent

ReleaSys HTX-A is Miller-Stephenson’s most advanced and refined boron nitride release agent available in an aerosol formulation. ReleaSys HTX-A is designed to provide universal release across a variety of applications and mold geometries.  Applications include glass molding, aluminium extrusion / forming, high temperature plastics, etc. Utilizing our next generation binder and ceramic technology, Miller-Stephenson has developed a revolutionary coating that can withstand temperatures up to 1000 C without complex cure programs or applications.

  • Optimized for high temperature, abrasive environments
  • Exceptional release ease with no transfer
  • Rapid Drying and Cure times (no heat curing required)
  • 100% non-flammable aerosol formulation