ReleaSys™ EP5 | Epoxy Release Agent

ReleaSys EP5 Epoxy release agent is a highly advanced release system designed to provide exceptional release of epoxy composites, adhesives, and injection molded parts.  Utilizing our next-generation fluoropolymer chemistry, we have developed a release coating which provide unmatched utility and performance in all epoxy molding / release operations.  Molded products will exhibit ease of release cycle after cycle without the need for frequent re-application or the need to clean the part off. A truly unrivaled chemistry, ReleaSys EP5 performs in the most demanding epoxy molding and adhesive release operations, providing superior reapplication intervals, consistent part quality, and smooth release in an economical and efficient one-coat system.

  • Miller-Stephenson most advanced DryFilm system
  • Optimized for Epoxy-based systems
  • Exceptional durability with no transfer
  • Rapid Drying and Cure times
  • Minimized VOC and odor