ReleaSys™ 8100 | Polyurethane Release Agent

ReleaSys™ 8100 was specifically designed utilizing Miller-Stephenson’s next-generation release agent chemistry to generate the most robust and effective release agent for polyurethane molding operations.  Utilization of our proprietary film forming polymers and additives, our state-of-the-art release system provides unmatched release of cast elastomer, rigid, and flexible foams.  Our release coat not only provides the best and most consistent release of any product currently available, it also provides this superior performance off any mold surface. Thanks to our tireless development program, Miller-Stephenson has developed a single release agent product which is highly effective in numerous configurations, mold temperatures, and mold geometries. Benefits include:

  • Advanced Film Forming Chemistry
  • Superior Release of all Polyurethane molding configurations
  • Extremely durable and fast curing release film
  • Self-Wetting and Leveling regardless of application method
  • Low odor and low VOC formulation