EPON 834

EPON™ Resin 834 is a BPA based epoxy resin that is semi-solid at room temperature. Systems using EPON Resin 834 can be formulated to be useful in a variety of high solids and tar modified coatings, high toughness adhesives, laminating, and prepreg molding materials. Because of its higher molecular weight, EPON Resin 834 provides enhanced system reactivity, surface tack and cured resin toughness in comparison to liquid grade BPA epoxies, but reduces elevated temperature performance. Ideally useful in applications requiring extra surface tack, cure speed or toughness but cannot tolerate additives or modifiers. Benefits include:

  • May be blended with other epoxy resins.
  • Semi-solid at room temperature, pourable at slightly elevated temperatures.
  •  May be used to produce 10 to 15 mil films with high adhesion.
  • Improved toughness, tack and cure speed over unmodified liquid epoxies