Epoxy Novolac Resins

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Epoxy Novolac Resins

EPON 1031

EPON™ Resin 1031 is a solid, novolac-free multifunctional epoxy resin. It is most frequently used to improve the properties of cured epoxy resin systems particularly at elevated temperatures. It finds applications in electrical laminates, high performance aerospace composites and adhesives, powder coatings, and molding compounds.

  • Low saponifiable chloride content; Low ionic contaminants
  • Low melt viscosity
  • Optical fluorescence; Strong absorbance of UV light

Epoxy Novolac Resins

EPON 164

EPON™ Resin 164 is a solid multifunctional epichlorohydrin/cresol novolac epoxy resin. It combines the high thermal stability of the novolac backbone with the versatility, reactivity, and chemical resistance of epoxy resins. It is used where improved properties of cured epoxy resin systems are needed, particularly at elevated temperature and where stability of electrical properties under humid conditions are required. It finds application in electrical laminates, molding compounds, high performance aerospace composites, high temperature adhesives, powder coatings, and tooling. Benefits include:

  • An average of five reactive epoxide groups per molecule
  • Low ionic contaminants; Low saponifiable chloride
  • Easily ground into uniform particle size; Stability on storage
  • Low melt viscosity

Epoxy Novolac Resins


EPON™ Resin SU-8 is a polymeric solid epoxy novolac resin possessing an average epoxide group functionality around eight. EPON SU-8 is compatible with bisphenol A-based epoxy resins, imparting improved high temperature strength, thermal stability, reactivity and chemical resistance. Prepreg laminates and graphite or boron reinforced composites with EPON SU-8 attain the maximum strength retention and thermal stability possible for an epoxy matrix system at elevated temperatures. Epoxy molding powders prepared with EPON SU-8 are characterized by an outstanding combination of flow stability and short press cycles. Benefits include:

  • Long shelf life
  • Micropulverized at ambient temperatures
  • Rapid development of hot hardness
  • Maximum elevated temperature strength retention
  • Improved tack qualities and lateral cohesiveness of unidirectional tapes