Electrical Laminating Resins

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Low-melting solid epoxy which contains 48 wt% bromine imparting fire retardancy in laminating, casting, electrical and molding application.

Electrical Laminating Resins

EPON™ 1163

EPIKOTE™ Resin 1163, a highly brominated epoxy resin, is designed for applications requiring a high degree of flammability resistance. It is a solid epoxy resin with a relatively low softening point and will sinter or block at room temperature. EPIKOTE Resin 1163 is commonly handled in solvent for laminating applications, as a hot melt for casting and molding compound applications, or as a blend with liquid epoxy resins for miscellaneous casting, potting, encapsulation and floor topping uses that require processing at ambient or slightly elevated temperatures. EPIKOTE Resin 1163 offers an alternative for formulators seeking replacements for tetrabromobisphenol A, octa- and decabromodiphenyl oxides, antimony trioxide, phosphorus compounds, and other flame retardant additives for a variety of applications.

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