ReleaSys™ HTX-L | High Temperature Release Agent

Miller-Stephenson has developed a non-flammable, high temperature release agent specifically designed for specialty plastic, elastomer, and composite molding and/or dry film lubrication applications. Utilizing a proprietary boron nitride-complex and binder system, Miller-Stephenson’s ReleaSys™ HTX-L generates a ultra-thin, lubricious coating with superior durability, release properties, and lubricity with zero transfer to your molded item. Benefits include:

  • Ideal for high temperature plastics, elastomers, and composites
  • Prevents sticking of die and molds
  • Protects Surfaces like MAG/MIG welding nozzles
  • Effective mold release up to 800°C / 1562°F
  • Non-wetting; Non-reactive