EPON™ 1007F

EPON™ Resin 1007F is a moderately high molecular weight solid epoxy resin derived from a liquid epoxy
resin and bisphenol-A. This resin is used extensively as a vehicle in high performance industrial baking finishes. In these coatings the EPON Resin 1007F is usually reacted with urea formaldehyde or phenolformaldehyde resins to develop the desired film properties. Coatings of this type exhibit outstanding flexibility and adhesion as well as exceptional resistance to chemicals and solvents. Some of the more important applications for EPON Resin 1007F/urea-formaldehyde or phenol formaldehyde coatings are linings for metal containers, appliance primers, metal furniture finishes and clear coatings for brass. Benefits include:

  • This resin is extremely clean. It is substantially free from extraneous materials, rendering it suitable in certain powder coating applications.
  • This product imparts unique melt viscosity characteristics to hot melt adhesives, molding powders, and powder coatings.
  • EPON Resin 1007F provides special solution viscosity and reactivity properties when combined with other EPON Resins in air dry amine or polyamide cured coatings.
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