EPIKURE™ Curing Agent 3270, a modified aliphatic amine, is designed to rapidly cure thin sections of epoxy resin formulations at temperatures of 60 °F (15 °C) and above. EPIKURE 3270 is of special interest for decorative flooring and high-build coating applications because 100 percent reactive formulations of this type cure rapidly to clear, tough, mar-resistant films over a wide ambient temperature and relative humidity range. High-build floor coatings have been applied in one day and opened to traffic after an overnight cure period. Additionally, EPIKURE Curing Agent 3270 is well suited for fast setting equal volume adhesives. Benefits include:

  • Light color
  • Good mar resistance
  • Resistance to amine carbonate formation (“blush”, “bloom” or “sweat-out”)
  • Convenient combining ratio